#12 Personal Social Impact Coaching is opening quarterly to new clients

If you're overwhelmed trying to live that impactful life, this is for you

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Even a few months ago, I was living two lives and didn’t totally know it.

No, not like some creepy sci fi character in a parallel universe, but the actions I was taking in my professional and personal lives weren’t driving the same results. They weren’t aligned in their intention to improve lives of underserved communities.

In work, I’m all about the social impact bottom line. But then I’d go to a big box store and buy something probably made in a factory in China where I have no idea how workers are being treated without thinking twice.

I care a ton about politics and am pretty aware and active there, but when I’d be in a meeting and see minor displays of racism or sexism, I’d quietly roll my eyes but not do much else, even though now, I’m generally viewed as the social impact expert at the table.

I didn’t even think about how powerful it’d be buying the young members of Brandon and my families dolls with skin tones that didn’t math theirs or children's books with protagonists from another culture.

There were dozens of opportunities in front of me every day to push social impact forward and I was totally ignoring them.

I now look at my personal social impact as a portfolio of intentional actions I take daily. These are outside of the core of my consulting work, and while I’m not pushing myself to be perfect, I’m a hell of a lot more intentional.

I don’t have time to look up fair labor practices of every single retailer or manufacturer I shop from, but I realize the power I have to vote with my dollar and do so. I’d previously had some retirement investments in a fund that didn’t invest in weapons or tobacco, but I’m now researching transferring some to funds that not only avoid those worst-case companies, but have portfolios of companies that actually build positive social and environmental impact into their business models. I’m slowly breaking up with big banks and transferring my business and personal accounts to locally owned community banks or credit unions.

I got pissed off about constantly being in rooms full of white decision makers when I went to startup or tech events here in Denver, so have submitted a panel to Denver Startup Week about designing a more inclusive startup sector.

I’ve gotten really into ethical fashion and use Instagram now to connect with and discover ethical brands. There are a TON out there and they make amazing stuff that is high quality and not ridiculously expensive!

I’ve launched a blog series interviewing a ton of different people who have integrated social impact into their professional lives in all sorts of different ways.

I call myself an Impact Boss™, and while I think I embodied that in my consulting work, I wasn’t living my best Impact Boss™ life at home, as a consumer, or outside of my direct client work. Now I am. Or at least I’m on a path toward that.

And I developed tools and methods to help me not only organize and track all of this, but to be a lot more aware and intentional about recognizing opportunities for impact. And after testing these tools and my coaching ability in this space with a few 1:1 clients, I’m opening up Personal Social Impact coaching to the universe!

If you want to be more intentional about influencing social impact results at home, at work, and in your day-to-day life, this is for you. I’m not a life coach, I’m not a career coach, but I am your perfect partner if your priority right now is to leave a positive impact and social impact footprint on the world however you are able.  Join my waitlist today and I’ll be in touch within a week about coaching options!

Let’s do this.

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