#16 My favorite social impact e-magazines, newsletters and blogs

hannah gay social impact blog post #16

Last year I started every day by unsubscribing to various newsletters and other stuff that landed in my inbox, but these blogs, newsletters, and e-mags remained protected. They're great for business leaders and individuals looking to make personal social impact alike.

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Acumen’s Blog has posts on Acumen’s mission to change the way the world tackles poverty. I view Acumen as a global leader in the conversation around sustainable impact, and love learning from everything the org does.

Cause Artist

Once a week, receive social impact news in your inbox from Cause Artist. Tons of profiles of social enterprises exist in here, which are really informative.

Change Creator

Change Creator Magazine is the resource entrepreneurs trust to learn how to make a living and scale solutions to our most pressing problems. I have contributed to Change Creator and stay tuned for my upcoming monthly column!

Conscious Magazine

Conscious Magazine is empowering people everywhere to change the conversation around impact.

Fast Company: Ideas

Fast Company: Ideas was formerly Co.Exist; see the letter on the change here. Like Good Magazine below, a lot of content is more in the feel-good category than impact focused, but still informative.

Good Magazine

Good Magazine has a simple motto: Live Well. Do Good. A lot here is a bit more feel-good and current events, but there are still informative articles. 

The Good Trade

More of a lifestyle publication, but The Good Trade is a premier online destination for conscious women and men—covering conscious fashion, beauty, food, wellness, travel and lifestyle.

Rank & File Magazine

Rank & File Magazine is a community of risktakers who believe people are worth serving and business can create change. The digital magazine is available on Rank & File's website at no cost. I also wrote a piece for Rank & File (which, ahem, became part of a completely unrelated viral meme #sofamousrightnow) and hope to contribute more soon!

Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR)

SSIR has a wonderful (paid) magazine, but a lot of its content and other news and events come through in its free weekly newsletter. If there's any conversation happening in social impact, it's in here. 

Unreasonable Institute

Unreasonable Institute has resources for entrepreneurs hungry to put a positive dent on history. Their content often deep dives into the how and what behind this mission.