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#14: How to take time to make time in planning your social impact strategy

Last year, I went to Costa Rica for two weeks, shut down my inbox, and launched this website. It wasn’t just a site, it was a brand and the result of a lot of reflection and strategy, and I needed time away from client work to allow myself the mental space to focus. While I’m staying here in Denver this time around, I’m doing this again – and think you should too. Here’s why.

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#9: How to lead community and economic development with Jorge Newbery

This is the second of my series of Impact Boss™ interviews showcasing various case studies of how passionate individuals have found opportunity to integrate social impact into both their personal and professional lives. After finding himself $26 million in debt, Jorge Newbery went on to found one of the most innovative impact investment funds out there helping struggling families stay in their homes. 

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