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15 opportunities for finding your inner Impact Boss

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#ImpactBoss Lifestyle Coaching

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For those willing to do more for social change 

"If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito"

How might you better integrate impact into what you do each and every day? This is the first question on the path to personal social impact. It’s realistic and it requires no major life overhaul. It's looking beyond what's right in front of you – the opportunity to vote, the ability to donate, the voice you have on social media. It’s recognizing and seizing every opportunity with intention and then ensuring the hell out of your personal social impact accountability.

The waitlist is open for my #ImpactBoss coaching program, with new clients being accepted each quarter.

I organize this all into four domains that span the boundaries of work, home and everything in between: 

Personal Social Impact Coaching 4 Domains

In addressing the above four issue areas, we walk through:

  • Passion, Purpose, & Social Issue Identification: Using frameworks I use with my business clients to identify the issues most pressing to you

  • Opportunity Mapping: Identifying the various junctures in your day-to-day life where you have the opportunity to integrate or incorporate social impact

  • Personal Social Impact Strategy: Drafting strategy to drive your impact through the four domains above (learning & listening, speaking, participating, and spending & investing)

  • Accountability Tracking: Creating a system that works for you to hold yourself accountable to the strategy we co-create



Coaching is available in four (renewable) packages:

Personal Social Impact Consulting Pricing

Are you ready?

Coaching is currently invite only. However, it may open again soon – join the waitlist to know when that happens.