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Accelerating impact without the BS

Currently, my consulting services are at Prosono - a business strategy and social impact firm where I’m leading social enterprise & nonprofit work.


My consulting services are now at Prosono

After several years running my own consulting practice, I currently house my work at Prosono (which means “let your purpose echo”).

Prosono adds value to clients with strategic projects at the intersection of social or community impact and business challenges.

Headquartered in Denver and serving clients nationwide, its experienced team accelerates the growth or change of purpose-driven clients with our organizational agility methods. Its work drives positive impact for businesses and the community – delivering strategy, implementation and measurable outcomes.

As one of its first Principals, I am currently leading Prosono's social enterprise and nonprofit consulting work.

Overview of Prosono Consulting Services


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When I was running my own practice…

100% of my clients would recommend working with me to others.

90% of my clients reported that my services have led to increased resources.

100% of my clients reported that my services have increased social impact.

60% of my clients booked me for follow on services. 

67% of my clients were underrepresented minority or female founded or led. 

Over 10,000 end users benefited from the work my clients and I have done together.

Over 150 unique social entrepreneurs and leaders were positively impacted by my work.


Global Goals

All my services aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (also known as the Global Goals).  Below are the goal areas I impacted in my work.


Testimonials from my solo practice

Hannah did a great job of assessing need, outlining deliverables, and cranking out an impressive amount of work. We’ve got the materials, vision, and clarity to move forward on a big project that was just a mess of ideas a few months ago.
— Chris Baker, CEO and Founder at OneSeed Expeditions
Hannah in one single swoop helped my Board to refocus and shift fiscal year strategies just by reviewing recent collateral and grants. She simplified what she saw as roadblocks for our mission and by using her recommendations we made major changes to our 2016 outlook. Hannah has true talent and I highly recommend her expertise.
— Priya Nembhard, Founder & Board Member Emeritus of The Edge
Hannah has a brilliant way of simplifying a complex issue into a single organizing idea, a concept that unifies and guides strategic decisions. She has a piercing insight that allows her to see through complexity and confidently communicate what is essential to move an organization forward.
— Njideka Harry, CEO and Founder at Youth For Technology Foundation
With Hannah’s work, we were able to expand our reach in workshops; she’s also now helped twenty-five companies grow their businesses through Vilcap’s program, so the impact is so much further than just with us. 
— Brittney Riley, Former VP US Ventures at Village Capital

Case Studies

Click below to view Case Studies from my solo practice.

Email me hannah@hannahgay.com to request case studies from my team at Prosono.


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