Introducing Corporate Social Impact Strategy

Driving social impact outcomes for corporations where doing good is an integral part of doing business.

One-off days of service, employee volunteerism, and philanthropic giving are great, but they can be taken away as a budget line item at any time. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) evolved in a world of HR, marketing, and sustainability. In the most innovative corporations today, it’s a fully integrated part of how business is done.

That means that anytime an employee shows up, any time a customer makes a purchase, any time a contract is signed with a vendor, there’s an opportunity for impact.

If your company is not there yet, I will help you get there. And if you have existing community impact, employee engagement, and philanthropic initiatives, my business will make them stronger and more connected to the outcomes that matter to you most: happy employees, engaged customers, and a positive footprint on the communities and areas in which you work.

I’ve shaped corporate social impact strategy at

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