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Impact Bosses own results.

They lead the command toward maximum social impact and the resources necessary to catalyze it, while slashing the noise that’s getting in the way. They are the ninjas, often unrecognized but incessantly inspiring, who are responsible for the most pressing change that happens in this world: the disenfranchised who gain access and voice, the poor who find wealth, the future generations of equality. Their efficiency is irrelevant because they’re better than that; they’re effective. And best of all, they empower future Impact Bosses across the globe.

Just like I do for my clients and am ready to do for you.

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My journey to get here took me from the launch of my career as a corps member with Teach For America (teaching on the Navajo Reservation) to graduating from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

After graduating, I was invited to work under Dean Sally Blount at Kellogg – one of the most influential women in business out there – as well as Betsy Ziegler, a former McKinsey partner who now runs 1871, one of the top tech incubators in America.

I then went on to a strategic leadership positions at the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship, where I oversaw our program team, evaluation strategy, and earned income P&L.

And the more I got into the depths of the social impact space, the more I saw some disturbing and systemic problems: a bunch of stuff was getting in the way of both impact and the revenue necessary to support it.

Just as Spiderman gets a tingling feeling when something bad is about to happen, I have a pretty damn finely tuned ability to identify when potential social impact is being limited by a bunch of mumbo jumbo – or, put a bit more frankly, by a bunch of BS.

It’s rarely for a lack of passion or purpose; those two things are table stakes for each and every one of my clients.

Whether with people or with business and nonprofits, the limiting BS usually takes the shape of a lack of strategy and clarity. Process gets in the way of purpose.

The what and the how take precedence over the why.

And time and time again, this results in three things:

  1. A whole lot of doing many things and feeling incredibly stretched thin without a lot of social impact or revenue results, which is perhaps the most frustrating feeling ever.

  2. An inability to price products or services or fundraise at the level required for scale and sustainability.

  3. Throwing in the towel and doing nothing and/or just dealing with the status quo day to day, which generally results in #1 and #2 all over again.

In my consulting work, I solve for all the above with a disciplined and responsive approach that focuses not just on generating impact but also on generating sustainable revenue and operations - because without reliable and consistent resources, impact can’t happen.

Yet I’m convinced that to unlock the global potential of unrecognized social impact, we all have an imperative to integrate impact into our daily lives as individuals.

I will continue to share my stories of integrating impact into my and my husband’s lives as well as share what I know about other’s ability to do as I continue to write and speak.

Because if we all can get to social impact without the BS getting in the way, our world is going to be ok.

I believe that fervently, and invite you to join me.

And my coaching practice addresses every individual’s potential for impact both at work and at home.

I also am a clean beauty consultant with Beautycounter, which is incredibly personal to me in this social impact journey. You can find more of my story in my facebook group.


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