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Read on to see behind the scenes on my approach to strategic planning. Yes, this is actually what will go into our SOW.

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Sample Strategic Planning SOW

Date: May 1, 2018 
Consultant: Hannah Gay Keao | Hannah Gay Social Impact LLC | | 860-918-4658

Client: First Last | Company X | | 555-555-5555


Company X is seeking to retain the services of a consultant to help develop its next 3-5 year strategic plan. Its current plan is phasing out Q4 of 2018. The board of directors and senior leaders in the organization hope to be involved in the plan process, while the main point of contact will be First Last, the Executive Director.

Approach & Deliverables

  1. Complete Impact Tuneup (if it has not already been completed). If it has not been completed an additional $2297 is due up front and payable at Details on the Impact Tuneup are available there as well.

  1. Develop Detailed Articulation of Current State of Strategy. You can’t figure out where you’re going if you don’t know clearly where you are - and very few organizations actually have this all cohesively articulated. Developing and/or refining this will be a collaborative effort between me (Hannah) and members of Company X through a structured exercise deploying the business model canvas as I have adapted it for social impact organizations. Current state articulation includes the following:

    • Business and Financial Model

    • Metrics of Success

    • Brand Identity & Messaging

    • Customer Segments

    • Value Propositions

  1. Inventory & Synthesize Ideas, Knowledge & Research. This informs the why behind upcoming future strategy. Create synthesized storyboard of existing ideas for changes to Company X or its strategy as well as secondary third party knowledge (reports, research, etc) that supports it, and interview up to 10 field experts as part of primary research. The storyboard will differentiate between what’s known and/or what’s been tested before and what’s an untested, unknown and unvetted idea. Note that I do not do secondary research beyond any reports recommended by interviewees; please have it compiled and completed in advance by experts in your field who are connected to your organization; they are much more equipped as “boots on the ground” and likely already have quite a bit of information. This could include board members, staff, advisors, academics, or research-based consultants in your specific field.

  1. Develop Detailed Ideal of Future State. This shows you where you’re intending to go . . . for now. Again, I have a very structured and tested process and protocol for developing this. In developing future state ideation, I guide you to select and identify potential changes across each component of current state. Each component will have 2-3 changes max . . . I’m equipping you to change a few things well, not many things poorly.

    • Business and Financial Model

    • Metrics of Success

    • Brand Identity & Messaging

    • Customer Segments

    • Value Propositions

  1. Develop Roadmap, Testing & Revision Plan. You need some semblance of roadmap to get from Current State to Future State. And even if your strategic plan is only for a year, things are going to go off course as you try new things out, environments and political climates shift, and more. I already have a very intuitive template for testing and revision based on the most transformative aspects of agile, human centered design, and design thinking; it just needs to be customized with the details of your organization.

  1. Complete complimentary coaching call 1-2 months out. If you’ve moved on from the Impact Tuneup to Strategic Planning, I am not counting that coaching call - so you get access to it all over again!

  1. Engage with Additional Coaching & Advising as needed. Business & Nonprofit Coaching is helpful to many clients throughout the execution of the strategic plan and is available for purchase at Coaching again is highly structured but available to clients at their own pace.

Expected Client Time Commitment, Input(s), and Feedback

Overall, Company X main point of contact should set aside 2-4 hours per week above and beyond scheduled meetings and the compilation of secondary research to dedicate to communications and collaboration for this strategic plan. 

Strategic Planning Timeline

Ownership of Materials

All Intellectual Property and related material (the "Intellectual Property") that is developed or produced under this Agreement will be the sole property of the Hannah Gay Social Impact LLC. The use of the Intellectual Property by the Client will be for internal purposes only. Relevant content specific to the Client may be extracted for the purpose of external reporting, communications, and marketing. 

The following materials are excluded from this and will be solely owned by the Client: 

All Deliverables

Additional Terms of Service

This project is subject to additional terms of service available at which will be copied below prior to contract signing.

Compensation and Payment Structure

Pricing below does not include the Impact Tuneup. 50% will be invoiced up front upon signing of contract and 50% due upon completion of the final presentation (before the final coaching call). Payment is due within 14 days of invoice. Pricing does not include any travel and/or basic materials for any in-person sessions (generally less than $100 per client).

Strategic Planning Pricing